Our Client Testimonials

We can tell you how great Global Express Courier Serviceis, but we think it’s always better to let our happy clients do the talking – so here are a selection of comments and testimonials which we have gathered over the years, from a huge range of clients in many different industries.

Awesome Quality Service

We knew we had to move fast in Germany and we needed to work with a logistics partner we knew and trusted. Global Express Courier Service understand our business. Its team are reliable and flexible, and they’ll always go the extra mile to make sure we’re happy and we meet our objectives. Once again, they more than met our expectations.

Tunay Tuna

Head of Logistics and Distribution, Cath Kidston

Awesome Quality Team

Global Express Courier Service’s unique approach, to understand the importance of the customer experience and provide more than just another freight solution, has been a significant difference in both our experience as a Global online retailer, but also for our customers - whose expectations are constantly reaching new heights

Dominic Culbert

Group Logistics Manager, Durr

Awesome Quality Roll

Working with the international team at Global Express Courier Service has really helped our business to serve Global client requirements. We needed warehousing in multiple territories including the UK, US, Hong Kong and Dubai, and Global Express Courier Service delivered - steering us smoothly through the potential pitfalls and growing pains

George Allan

CEO, Pacific Direct

Awesome Quality Preview

We chose TGN Logistics for their ability to be innovative and flexible in their solutions, and to move rapidly in implementing those solutions. Global Express Courier Service is very customer focused with ‘boots on the ground’ local resources on each continent. They were able to deploy a scalable distribution solution and get it up and running very quickly."

Marc Smith

Senior Manager Worldwide Distribution & Logistics, Sphere 3D

Awesome Quality Road

Working with Global Express Courier Servicehas provided us with an essential platform for international growth. Thanks to Global Express Courier Service, our expansion into the US and Far East has been very smooth and low risk. We only pay for the space and logistics activity we actually use meaning we have no fixed costs and an extremely competitive global fulfillment solution

Yussef Bictash

Operations Manager, Reiss

Awesome Quality Local

Since we started working with Global Express Courier Service, we've seen our supply chain improve considerably. It is vital that our components and generators arrive safely to our customers, Global Express Courier Service Logistics have delivered on their promises

Mike Beam

Global Logistics Manager Peak Scientific

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